Vision Statement & Values

Vision Statement

Pursuing racial reconciliation through honest education, intentional conversation, and meaningful action.


Broad Goals

  • Reshaping American church missions from a charity, assimilation and parental model to one of humble learners in need of partnership from a rich and culturally-diverse body.
  • Giving space for Native Americans to speak and participate in American politics and policy issues such as immigration reform and national elections.
  • Equipping and empowering Native American Christians to participate in missions from the context of indigenous cultures and world views
  • Encouraging Native Americans to embrace their God-given cultural characteristics that result in authentic worship of the Creator and his son Jesus.
  • Empowering Native Americans to embrace their collective role as the host peoples of this land, and offering this “nation of immigrants” wisdom, leadership and adoption.

Core Values

  • Racial reconciliation
  • Operating out authority rather than from a position of power
  • Embracing the discomfort than comes from diversity
  • Ministry that is both contextual to the poor and prophetic to the rich


2 thoughts on “Vision Statement & Values

  1. I watched your powerful Ted Talk. I then wanted to support and learn more about your organization. I was surprised to see an alignment of Christianity with your values. Could you speak on this? Is there an article that helps me understand why you think Christianity has merit?

    Posted by KC Ore | December 14, 2019, 12:40 pm
    • KC, Thanks for the comment. I recently published a book titled “Unsettling Truths – The ongoing dehumanizing legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery.” In this book, my co-author and I discuss how the Christian Church strayed from the teachings of Jesus and got to writing a dehumanizing Doctrine of Discovery. I highly recommend reading this book. It is available for purchase online, but it is also available in many Independent book stores and public libraries around the country.
      Here is a link to a site called IndieBound:

      Posted by Rachel Charles | December 16, 2019, 11:34 am

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