Doctrine of Discovery: A series of Papal Bulls from the 15th century that are essentially the Church saying to the nations of Europe “Whatever lands you find that are not ruled by Christian Rulers are empty and yours for the taking.” These Bulls are the theological foundation for the American Church and the United States. The fruits of which are: Columbus claiming to have “Discovered” America, Manifest Destiny, Boarding Schools (Kill the Indian to save the man).  Mark Charles serves on a Task Force of the CRCNA that examines the doctrine.

Navajo Perception of Time:  A research project in partnership with BYU that seeks to understand the impact that time perception has on Native college students in their academic success and retention.

Missions: Training, empowering and sending Native Americans to share the Gospel throughout the country and around the world.  Additionally, reshaping American church missions from a charity, assimilation and parental model to one of humble learners in need of partnership from a rich and culturally-diverse body.

“Conversation for Reconciliation” on the 2010 Apology to Native Peoples: On December 19, 2009 President Obama signed House Resolution 3326, the 2010 Department of Defense Appropriation Act. This 67 page document contained a buried apology to Native peoples that was not announced, publicized or publically read by the White House or Congress. 2 years later, Mark Charles organized a public reading of this bill and the enclosed apology in front the US Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Native American perspective on Immigration Reform – Advocating for the inclusion of Native voices in the national dialogue to comprehensively and justly reform immigration law.

Global Discipleship Network: The GDN is a group of pastors in a mutual learning exchange circle, in which each one visits and hosts every other pastor.

Would Jesus Eat Frybread? An annual conference for Native American Christian college students in collaboration with CICW, CRU and InterVarsity, where students explore what it means to be both Native and Christian.

51st virtual Native American state – A proposal to create a political voice for Native peoples in national elections.

Contextualizing worship for indigenous peoples, cultures and languages – What it looks like for Native peoples to worship the Creator, and his son Jesus, using our languages, cultures, and world views.



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