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5 Small Bucks and 2 Little Shares

5 Small Loaves is doing an online Crowd Funding campaign called
“5 Small Bucks and 2 Little Shares”
and your partnership can make a big difference.

Our Native American led organization is actively pursuing reconciliation between the United States of America and the indigenous peoples of this land through honest education, intentional conversation and meaningful action.

We know this vision is grand and the amount of work to be done is great, and that is precisely why we have chosen crowdfunding as our fund raising model. We believe that the more people who are involved as partners the greater success we will have.

Therefore, we are asking people to donate “5 Small Bucks” and then to give our campaign “2 little shares” on your social media networks or emails lists. We then invite you to stay connected with us online, and partner with us in your local communities as we work to initiate a conversation for reconciliation in this land.

The Facebook and Twitter hashtag for our campaign is #5Bucks2Shares

To donate please visit our page at GoFundMe.

And just to have a little fun we created this Crowd Funding graphic.  🙂


**5 Small Loaves does not currently have non-profit status and is unable to provide tax deductible receipts. We are in the process of establishing a fiscal partnership with another organization that will be able to provide us with a 501(c)(3). We expect this partnership to be finalized before the end of the 2014 calendar year.


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